Fishing in Seychelles

No visit to the Seychelles would be complete without venturing onto the sea at least once during your stay. The Indian Ocean, with its warm tropical waters, beckons visitors to explore neighbouring islands, swim and snorkel with colourful marine life and trawl the deep for Big Game. Get the most out of it on board of MS Galatea, a luxury gullet and it  knowledgeable  captain who can show you some of the best the Seychelles has to offer.

Activities fishing

Inner Islands : 

·       Shallow plateau : 40 meters 

·       granitic reef 

·       you’ll fish tuna, bonitos, dorados, wahoo… 

Best season : July to October 

Outer Islands: 

·       deep & open seas 

·       corallien reefs

·       you’ll find swordfish Marlin, carangues, Sail fishes 

Best Season : May to July 

We provide : 

·       Fishing rod & reels

·       Rod holders 

·       Large capacity fish tray 


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