With its tropical climate throughout the year, its lush vegetation, pristine white sandy beaches, and crystal clear blue sea, the Seychelles invite you to experience moments of pure happiness and joy. The Seychelles are considered among the most beautiful islands in the world and frequently referred to as the “jewel of the Indian Ocean” by discerning visitors. Our cruises aboard the schooner Galatea take you on a voyage of discovery to the most charming places of the archipelago, and from the most famous islands to the most secluded. Allow yourself to be amazed by the gorgeous white sandy beach of Anse Source d’Argent on La Digue, with its characteristic smooth granite rocks. Enjoy the timeless atmosphere in the forest of the Valle de Mai on Praslin with its endemic Coco de Mer palms, and discover the underwater wonderworld of rare beauty. Seychelles … a paradise above and below the sea, the result of stringent measures to protect the environment. What more could you desire for an unforgettable vacation aboard a beautiful schooner designed soley for your comfort and pleasure?